How To Know If You Need A Clutch Replacement

How do you know if you need a clutch replacement? Driving your car every day to work or shopping places extra stress on your car’s clutch. Over time you know how your car feels and it can be difficult to notice any symptoms of a worn club and it needs replacing. Here are some crucial signs that you may require a clutch replacement.

Signs That You Require A Clutch Replacement

It Feels Harder To Change Gears

It is normal for older cars to feel less smooth than newer automobiles as car parts will wear out over time. However, if you need to forcefully change gears, this may mean that you require a clutch replacement.

Your Clutch Is Slipping

When your clutch begins to slip, this is a major sign that you need clutch replacement. You know your clutch is slipping when you try to change gear and release the clutch pedal, before accelerating and hearing a louder engine, followed by your car jumping forward.

If this happens you need to look out for three symptoms: higher engine speed despite not driving fast, smoke and a burning smell. These symptoms of clutch slipping are an essential indicator you should invest in a clutch replacement.

Your Clutch Feels Soft

If your clutch feels soft when you press down on it, this is another sign that you have a worn clutch and it needs replacing. In this situation, you will have to exert more force to press the clutch pedal down and it generally will be harder to use.

To fully understand the severity of your clutch issues, booking your car in for service will provide an overview of the problem and if the clutch assembly needs replacing altogether.

You Hear Strange Clutch Noises

If your clutch starts to make unusual noises, this could also mean you need clutch replacement. It could either mean that your clutch is damaged or faulty in some way. Do not ignore these sounds as they are your first warning signs that your car needs maintenance.

These noises may be from a worn-out clutch bearing, regardless, if left untreated it could lead to more serious car issues.

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