Everything you need to know about
servicing available for MERCEDES.

Why choose ServiceCare Complete?

Driven businesses demand more and our ServiceCare Complete Plan gives you our most comprehensive, tailored package covering all services, MOT’s, plus all the variable and unforeseen costs of running your vehicles.

With modern day servicing, computer diagnosis plays a major part in evaluating faults that can be recorded in a vehicles memory bank. So for this it is important that servicing is carried out by qualified technicians with Mercedes-Benz experience and genuine Mercedes-Benz equipment.

Mercedes Benz cars have various types of servicing schedules with different service items due each year. The main service types are Mercedes A Service or Mercedes B Service but the mileage, age and service history of your vehicle will dictate what service items are due for renewal.

Whichever level of service your vehicle requires we are here to help so please contact us to book your Mercedes-Benz service.

Service Your Mercedes with VSC

If you are looking for the most reliable Mercedes Benz servicing in Manchester you have come to the right place.

The team at VSC each has over 25 years of experience working on Mercedes vehicles.

The experience and technical knowledge possessed by our team are unrivaled. This gives all customers peace of mind when using our services!



Mercedes Benz Servicing

As a company we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service as this is what our customers expect and with huge savings over manufacturer servicing plans, we know that we are outstanding value for money.

  • The most experienced Mercedes-Benz trained technicians in Hounslow!
  • 100% Mercedes-Benz genuine parts, covered by a 2 year warranty
  • Mercedes-Benz specified fully synthetic Mobil Oil
  • Mercedes-Benz equipment and diagnostics

All friction components

Wiper blades, brakes and clutches

Covers major repairs

Including engines, gearboxes, alternators and more

Covers all services


All MOT test fees

No additional costs for each MOT